06.09.19: Me and My Shadow from Above

Yesterday morning started out as cold as they always seem to. Class started out in the classroom which was a relief since it was so cold. We went through the overview for the course plus laid out a few more things.

The discussion was on brace and where brace comes from which is far more complicated than given credit for. We did a Congo horse on the shadow game which we were revisiting again. We also did some work on the seat builders which was also revisiting some of the work we did over the last few weeks.

After lunch I headed out and grabbed the bareback pad and got it all settled on while Roscoe was finishing up his lunch. He finally finished and we moseyed out towards the playground. He was much more curious at this point looking around and going various places as we wandered with him in the lead.

We made it to the playground so I took him in the honeycomb so that I could get up on him and work around a little bit before exploring outside the honeycomb. I let him wander around the playground grazing while I just sat on him. I ended up getting down after a while, and Michelle and Ralph showed up.
Michelle wanted to copy my notes, so we wandered to the lodge while Ralph put Roscoe back in the pen. We finished up and then decided to head to the hot springs first and then meet some other people for dinner.

It ended up that we had a miscommunication and we ate at the restaurant across the street, so I found them after we finished up. We hung out for a while, and I ended up driving home since they had all had a few drinks. We got back early by comparison and pretty much crashed after that. Shadow days tend to be lazy, but the bareback riding was enjoyable. Its sill cool here, and frosty in the mornings. I plan to stay here where it’s warm until I have to leave for Remuda.

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