06.09.22: Cold and Wet

Thursday started out as wet as it seems to want to now. They kindly moved remuda into the lodge so that we were all together which turned out well. As we were to begin class Linda came in and ended up having an hour long discussion with us about how things were going. We got a chance to ask her some questions and such which was nice.

Our class went super fast as we discussed more on ribs and worked on Latitudinal and Longitudinal flexion. Rachel was moving super fast to try to get through all the material without missing anything since we were running late. We finished up there and headed up to the big top to do a demo with Rachel and Dreamy working with the flexion and going slowly. She showed us how to comb the reins to encourage them to drop their head as well as the hows and whys of the new bit and reins. We worked on doing our drag queen walk to help open up our ribs so that when we begin this work on our horses we are open and fluid and not blocking the ribs of the horse. It was pretty funny and a good way to warm up.

We finally finished up with that demo and hurried down to the warmth of the lodge for lunch, with plans to move the seat builder exercise to after lunch so that we could still get it in. I finished up with lunch and headed up to the pens to feed Roscoe and then hurried back down to get to the seat builder. Thankfully the sun came out for just a bit between the clouds and it was dry. We worked on keeping a consistent feel on the reins, which was a challenge. The movement of the seat builder itself also seemed a little weird, I don't know what was going on.

After we finished I caught a ride to town to go to headquarters to look at the new bit and reins. I didn't buy it, but Nic and Vikki did, and Russell just wanted to say hello to everyone. After that they needed a run to Out West Saddlery, and along the way we stopped at Boot Hill which turned out to be a really good thing since I found a pair of good fitting gloves that had fleece on the inside. I now have something to work in when hauling buckets around. Boot Hill was pretty nice, and had a good selection. Out West was incredible since the guy there makes his own saddles. They were beautiful and he had a lot of really nice stuff.

The snow on the mountains in the distance was nice, a good dusting that didn't seem to be disappearing quickly. We finally headed on home and by that time it was pretty much dinner time. I hustled and got Roscoe his dinner and let him walk a bit, and then headed down for another warm meal. The temperature was not improving.

We finally got a crowd together after dinner and headed out to the hot springs. Michael, Russell, Nic, Brennalyn, Emma and I all had a great time soaking in the springs. We found a little bar that was open and hung out afterwards for a while. We finally crashed that evening and headed to bed in the drizzle that was still falling. This morning brought more rain, and the end doesn't seem to be in sight very quickly. It is supposed to be COLD this weekend, lows in the upper 20's.

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