06.09.23: Romp in the Ring

Another cold beginning to the day: very cold and wet. Again we had remuda in the lodge, which was quite comfortable. We started out the morning with several simulations, which helped to get the body moving a bit.

We did sticky hands with a partner practicing leading the motion and following the motion, and changing the intensity of the motion. We finally worked so that our whole bodies were involved in the patterns, reaching and stretching really far. We also did some work with the reins working on combing them and then yielding to a feel. It was good to study the consistency and learn how it felt and when to give.

Quick classroom followed that, working on Biomechanics which was barely hinted upon compared to the vast amount of information out there. We talked about their posture and structure and how the horse stands and how it can affect their performance.

We all bundled up super tight against the blowing rain and cold and headed up to the Big Top for another demonstration using student horses that displayed how to work on the fluid rein concept. It was an excellent demonstration that worked with how to go through things if the horse was not perfect. We were all frozen by the time it was over, and we hustled back down to the lodge again for lunch.

After lunch they were showing Top Hat with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, which was really awesome. It was such a cute movie, and the dancing and things were excellent. The freedom of movement that both of them display is amazing.

I was really sleepy after that so I headed up to the cabin which happened to be about 48 degrees and turned on the heater and crawled into bed for a while. The girls came in and we all crashed for a nice toasty nap (once we all got warm enough...). I slept for about an hour before going to get Roscoe and taking him out to graze for a while.

I noticed that he seemed to have a lot of energy, so I decided that since the 75' round pen was empty I'd turn him loose and see what happened. I brought him in and let him go, and he kicked up his heels quite happily, romping and bucking and cantering around for short spurts. I pushed him a bit, and played with him a bit at liberty, working on drawing him in. He did really well so after he seemed like he was all romped out, I put him back in the pen and got his dinner ready. I went ahead and prepped a second bucket so that it would be waiting late in the evening when I came to bed.

I hustled down to the lodge and got into a nice hot shower before getting dinner. A whole crowd of us got together and headed over to Bear Creek Saloon again for the live music. We shot a lot of pool, danced, and in general had a really good time. We left late, and headed back for the cold walk up to the cabins. Russell helped me get up to my cabin with all my stuff and give Roscoe his second bucket, and then I crashed.

When I arrived in the cabin it was 40 degrees, so I turned the heater up to high and dove into my freezing bed. I pulled my fleece on top of me, and the extra pillow over me, and I pulled the comforter over my head. It took me a long time to warm up, but I think I finally did. The girls wandered in a while later, and I zonked out again. This morning brought a cold awakening. Even with the heat on high, it was only 58, which is good... but that also means that to only be 58 in the cabin, its COLD outside. And COLD it was. The frost was thick as light snow, and the sky was crisp clear. It is now 9:00 and the weather according to google says 27. There is snow over on the hills west of here, which aren't at much more elevation than this. There is more than a foot of snow up on Wolf Creek Pass, from what I hear. It’s supposed to warm up just a bit, with lows in the low 30's instead of low 20's or less...

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