06.09.25: Double Day

The weekend is a bit of a tossup, so there wasn't energy for an update yesterday. The other thing is that with the internet STILL out, it makes it rather frustrating to stand in the window the entire time to update. That is getting rather old, but there is thankfully a rumor that the internet is to be fixed today.

Saturday was a great lazy day. The morning started out super cold, and was just plain lazy from there. There were plans to go do laundry, which was a good thing. The morning rolled by slowly with not much going on other than lots of sitting in the warmth and talking. There were many really good long discussions that were quite enjoyable.

I managed to head up late in the afternoon and lay down on the rail of the pen for a while in the warm sunshine. Roscoe took the liberty to come over and love on me, and then snort right square in my face. I had dirt from his muddy nose all over my face and my sunglasses. He was being quite affectionate, and attempting to groom me which I didn't really allow since that is a form of dominant behavior.

I finally got up and decided to head out on a short ride, and Nic and I headed up for a brief run around the sneaky snake trial, and made a shortcut back home since it turned very cold and windy very quickly. The sun had disappeared, and night was falling.

Since the laundry had still not been accomplished, Brennalyn was planning on going, but she ran out of steam so Nic and I borrowed her car and made a quick stop and then were off to laundry. It took a while to get it done, but eventually it was done. We decided after that to go shoot some pool, so we ran down to Bear Creek again.

We discovered that apparently Saturday night was the busy night, and we found a crowd of staff there as well. We only managed one game of pool since it was so busy, and then we headed home from there. Our attempt to wait for a table was taking too long.

It was really late before I got in bed, so Sunday morning arrived far too early. I dragged myself out of bed, and fed Roscoe and then went down and grabbed breakfast before turning right back around and going up to the cabin for a nap. It ended up being three hours which was quite delicious at that hour of the morning. The sun began warming the cabin up so it got even toastier than with just the heater on. It was quite a relief to be that warm again, after so long.

The nap ended and I headed out and fed Roscoe and then wandered up to Brennalyn's car to get my freezing cold laundry and call Mom and Dad for a few minutes while enjoying the view of the snow covered range off to the east.

Lunch arrived, and it was pizza which wasn't too bad. We had great conversation and finally I dragged myself out into the now deliciously warm day. The temperature change here is phenomenal.

I chilled out on Roscoe's pen for a while before I brought him out and began working with him a bit to get prepped to go on a trail ride. We gathered quite a crowd and found Michael and he led us out on the same trail that we took the day we took the super long one with class. This time the group stayed on the trail. It was quite slippery though and many of us were having trouble here and there with the mud.

We arrived back and I worked a bit more on some cantering, before putting Roscoe away and fixing his dinner.

Dinner arrived a bit later, and through the course of the meal we got into a discussion about dessert, and somehow cookie dough came up, and that turned into a trip to the grocery store for a cookie dough run. Nic and Russell, being from other countries had never experienced the novelty of cookie dough straight out of the tube. For $20.00 we got a gallon of milk and a lot of cookie dough.

We came back and that began a cookie dough party, which turned into Lillan teaching us Swedish drinking games that her grandmother and family do all the time. There will be pictures at some point... but in the least the fun was incredible. The chair trick, you sit on a chair with a toothpick on the side, and have to slide around the back of the chair without using the rungs of the chair, only the legs, and balance to get the toothpick and then bring yourself back up.

The cup game, which is really supposed to be done with beer bottles, which is both harder and easier all at once. You start with a line, and then hand walk out on the cups (like romper stompers) and then have to balance on one cup, and reach out with the other to place it as far out as possible, and then bring yourself back up on the single cup. It is challenging and requires lots of core strength.

We also did a trick with the savvy strings, tying it to your wrists, and then threading another through yours and tying that to your partner’s wrists. The challenge is to get out of it without untying the knots. It’s actually easier than it sounds.

Somehow we ended up doing a human knot, which the first time took an hour and 20 minutes and never worked out, which we realized that it was probably due to not being clear on the setup. So we started over, and it only took an hour this time, and we ended up with an impossible knot, anyway. It was super fun and there is talk of doing it again tonight at some point.

We all finally crashed into bed in the freezing cold night, and it took me a long time to get warm since I didn't have my sweatshirt or jacket to walk up to the cabin with. Nic loaned me his jacket, but even still it was COLD.

Today has dawned bright and sunny, and hopefully will not be as cold.

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