06.09.26: Arrival

Monday morning arrives too early, as it seems it always does. It was still cold, though the day dawned clear and began warming up quickly. Remudas were outside for the first time in several days, and it was nice to catch up, though the air was chilly and the sun wasn't yet strong enough.

We returned to the classroom and Lyla did the day's talk on the principles of shaping and balance. She talked only briefly before heading up to the Big Top for a demonstration that would help fill in some of the gaps and give us the how to that follows the theory.

We finished up there and made our way back down to the seat builders for an exercise. It was finally getting warm enough not to need the coat, though sitting on the seat builder in sweat pants is interesting. I didn't slide off, but it’s definitely not ideal. We worked on practicing the suspension rein, and working on a bend.

Lunch came, and it took me too long to get myself in gear to head up and feed Roscoe and then get my clothes to take a quick shower. I finally had myself together about 3:00 and received a phone call from Jim that he was on his way. His hotel room was not ready so he was coming straight over. I gave him the loose directions and instructions on where to park, and then hustled up to grab Roscoe from his half finished lunch and saddled up. I warmed him up along the way, and then half way up to the parking lot I jumped up on him and rode the rest of the way up. I got up to the top of the hill about the same time that Jim was walking down.

It was so wonderful to see him and we chatted for a few minutes before we started moseying back around. As we walked down the road I felt Roscoe moving funny and I immediately jumped down. Apparently his feet were hurting him. At the time it appeared that he was pretty much limping on his left hind, but he just seemed sore all over. I found Rachel right off the bat and asked her what she thought, and of course it could be anything. I didn't feel any heat, which I guess was good, but that leaves it wide open. We moseyed slowly around grazing for a long time, while Jim and I caught up.

We looked across the way and I was surprised to see a loose horse and looked closer and discovered it was Allure out with Linda riding Remmer. She headed up into the pens and such. A while later I heard a noise behind us on the hill and turned to look and Linda popped up over the top. She stopped to say hello and asked how I was. I told her good except my horse was lame. She asked me what happened and I explained that I suspected it was from the trail ride the day before since it was pretty tough up and down with slippery mud, plus rocky as usual. She suggested using the red light on him, so I decided to wander off and find a red light. Jim wanted to go back to the hotel room and shower and then come back, so we each headed off. I finally managed to find Lyla and she walked me up to her tack room and simply used the red light on the standard points. It apparently doesn't work as well on footsoreness, but hopefully it will help in general.

I carefully and slowly walked him back up to the pen and put him away and gave him his dinner and prepped the late bucket. I ran up to the cabin to grab some things, and as I came back down Jim was walking up. It was perfect timing, and we headed down to the lodge to find the crowd that was interested in going to dinner. We found Russell there, and then I wanted to check with Lillan about her phone, I didn't want to take her phone with me if she needed it, even if Michelle had not returned my call. I found her, and gave her the phone back, and then managed to find Nic and Sarah as well, so we gathered our things and then headed out again.

We couldn't decide on a restaurant, but finally settled on going to Hog's Breath, which turned out well. The food was decent even if the service was a little odd and slow. We ordered a bottle of wine, and were surprised when the woman dropped it off and didn't open it for us. I suppose that’s the quality you get though.

We finished up dinner slowly, not by choice, considering the waitress was a little slow on keeping up with us. After that we left and headed down to the bar for a while to shoot some pool. We managed to boot some other people off the table, and played several rounds which were a lot of fun.

We headed back and Jim dropped us off at the lodge, and we headed in the direction of crashing and the cabin. Russell and I were chatting when Lacy and Lillan walked in, and that ended up in a long discussion that only continued when Emma returned. We didn't get to bed until pretty late, but what else is new...

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