06.09.27: Liberty and Freedom

The morning started out unlike others. I headed down to Roscoe's pen in the morning and came around the corner and found Prince in the first pen, since Emma had moved him, and then looked again and Roscoe was in Prince's old pen. I was highly confused and wondering why in the world someone would move him. Then I looked again and realized that there was no chain up on the pen, and the chain was down on Roscoe's pen as well. I finally came to the conclusion that something must have come out of the woods and spooked all the horses, and Roscoe was standing close enough to his chain that when he jumped it just broke the link. I put up my rope and crisscrossed it securely so that he couldn't slide out and then headed to breakfast.

The day's discussion was on jumping and we watched several video clips of jumping properly and improperly. There was also a clip of Pat jumping on a horse named Glorioso that was incredible. The horse approached a jump that had to be more than 5' and planted right at the base of the jump, leapt vertically and then came down right on the other side. He went around and did it again, this time the horse gave it more space, and took off back from the jump and did the most beautiful leap clear over.

We headed up to the Big Top for a demonstration after that with several students working over small jumps. Nic was one of the ones that was chosen, and did very well. The task at hand was to approach the jump at a walk, go over it, then walk away, stop and back up again. Nic did very well with Drift.

We ended up running out of time, so our seat builder exercise was moved to the afternoon. We ate lunch and I headed up quickly to feed Roscoe so I wouldn't be late to the seat builders. I arrived just in time and we went over how to sit through a jump. It was pretty easy and was really enjoyable to boot. We had fun being silly and goofing off.

That finished up and I headed up to get Roscoe out to see how he was doing. I hosed down his legs really good to get the mud off of them so that I could be sure there wasn't anything hiding underneath. He was fine and the cold water probably did his legs a bit of good as they seemed to be slightly swollen.

I finished up with that and walked him carefully down to the Coverall arena to walk him in the soft sand for a while. He was walking along easily behind me and so I decided to put the lead rope over his neck instead of holding it. I was pleased to discover that he would stick to me without me carrying the rope. We serpentined though the arena for a long time before I took him out and let him graze on the hillside to take a break.

I headed out and was looking around to see who else was out and about and discovered Russell up at the top of the other pens doing quite a jig with his horse as she spun in circles in his vain efforts to gain control. Later he told me that no one bothered to warn him that his new mount was a Casper baby.

Jim came back over after having gone into the lodge for a while and about that time Michelle and Ralph stopped by. I was glad to see them and they checked out Roscoe and agreed that he was simply footsore. They were as doubtful as I was that I would be able to ride before I leave, and Michelle used the red light on him to see if it would help any.

I headed up to put him away and Michelle then came down to the lodge to copy some more of my notes. We chatted for a while before dinner. We were afraid for a moment that dinner was leftovers, but they changed the menu and we had meatloaf which was pretty good.

We finished up the meal and Russell, Nic, Jim and I headed out to the hot springs for a good soak. It felt so good in the cool air to be nice and warm. We came back to the ranch and crashed after a good day.

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