06.09.28: Afternoon Drive

The morning arrived like most others, without much to-do. It has been a bit warmer, if that is possible. The frost has not been near as bad as it was, which is a relief. It’s still quite cold when 7:00 rolls around though.

The day started off with a remuda in the sun. Brennalyn had some grapes, with a few bad ones on the bunch, and the chipmunk came out from under the tack room and took her grape. I got several pictures of him sitting on the step eating the grape. A few
minutes later the horses spooked up in the pens and a deer came out from the field on the side. She trotted right down into the middle of the ranch and then became rather unconfident when she realized that there were three groups of people surrounding the direction that she wanted to go. One group managed to be able to get up and get out of her way, but the rest of us were so close that we couldn't move without really scaring her. We sat very still and I managed to get my camera out and got several good shots of her as well.

The day's lecture was on power, and Rachel did a good job talking about how to create power within the horse. We also studied half passes, shoulders in and shoulders out. The classroom lecture was pretty brief and then we headed up to the Big Top for several simulations and then a demonstration.

I was relieved that by the time I walked up to the Big Top I needed to shed my duster. I stood out back chatting with Russell and Emma while Em worked on trying to juggle. She was doing really good. By the time I headed into the arena I was warm enough that I didn't need my sweatshirt anymore either.

We began with the simulations and Nic and I paired up and worked on mirroring each other and following and leading with fluidity. We've hung out together enough that it’s actually pretty easy for the most part. That got us really moving which was a good thing, and got me even warmer. We changed into groups of three and began working on the half passes which were very complicated. Between Lenchen, Nic and I we managed to figure most of it out ok after asking several questions. We then followed that with shoulders in and haunches in moves, which were far easier than the half passes.

Following all of the simulations we sat back down and Lyla on Zorro and Rachel on Dreamy went through the same things with their horses so that we could see how it was supposed to look when it was done correctly. They did a great job, and I think I got some good pictures.

We broke for lunch and I headed up to feed Roscoe and walk him for a little while before we headed out for an afternoon in Durango. We played more in the Coverall and he did very well. He was sticking to me with consistency
, though not as well as the day before. He was distracted by a mare walking by, and was actually whinnying to her, which is very unlike him and surprised me.

As I was finishing up I went to put the lead rope back on and Roscoe looked out the end of the coverall and began whinnying again. He stopped and trotted down to the other end of the coverall, stopped, whinnied and then came back down and repeated the process. I don't know who he was parading for, but it was really amusing to watch, and I was just fine with him exercising himself.

I took him up to the pen and gave him his lunch and we headed out to Durango for the afternoon. We roamed around the little shops and bought a few things before we swung by Michelle and Ralph's house to show Jim the horses. Being as late in the afternoon the images weren't so good, so we made plans to head back on Saturday for a while.

We turned and headed back and managed to get here before dinner was over. Russell so kindly fed Roscoe for me, which really took some weight off of me. We ate dinner and then ended up eating more of the cookie dough and having more fun with broomsticks and laughing. RFD TV came on, and we watched that before heading outside for the last campfire. They built a roaring fire against the cold, which roasted the front and froze the back. We had a great time laughing and singing and hanging out for a long time, before we finally all retired to bed after the last campfire. I headed up and fed Roscoe his extra bucket and then dropped into bed freezing cold. It took me a while to get warm, but finally I fell asleep.

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