06.09.29: Last Supper

Thursday started like all the rest. It’s been warmer thankfully, so remuda out by the fire ring was comfortable. The embers were still smoldering from last night’s roaring fire. We talked about many great things in our remuda.

Lecture began with a discussion on bits and lead changes. We talked about the different kinds of bits and their functions, which was very informative. We also discussed lead changes briefly in the classroom before heading up to the Big Top for another simulation working on how to set the horse up for lead changes. The amazing thing is that as the "horse" with your partner it becomes so easy to offer the correct thing when all the ingredients are in place. Following that Rachel did a demonstration with Dreamy about setting up the lead changes to make it easy and then worked in the arena for a while as we watched.

Lunch came around and we hung out for a while before I headed up to the pen to get Roscoe out. He apparently wasn't too thrilled to see me, and turned his butt when I approached. I sat with him and then played a little bit before I took him out. I took him and grazed and wandered and we eventually ended up in the savvy park.

I found Russell standing on top of the seat builder while circling his horse around him. It was impressive that he didn't fall off despite the fact that his horse was a little frisky. Jim luckily got pictures of the entire incident, so I have proof!! Next thing I know, Russell is riding through the pond in what he discovered was the deep end. The water was up to his thighs! Unfortunately, Jim had gone in to double check his exposures, so we were unable to get pictures!

I went and played with Roscoe in the pond for a little while letting him splash around to his heart's delight. The horses always love to paw the water. I took him up to the Arena Grande for a while and we worked on the pedestal which was a lot of fun. I was almost able to get all four feet up on it, but not quite. Coco got some great shots of me sitting with him while he was on the pedestal.

After that since he was still pretty sore, I took him up to the honeycomb out in the big field where there was lots of grass. I laid down on one of the logs and let him graze next to me for a long time. I finally went and closed the gate to the big part of the honeycomb, and just turned him loose. Russell rode up still trying to dry off and we chatted in the sun for a long time while Roscoe pleasantly enjoyed himself on the green grass.

I finally headed in and we began to get ourselves ready for dinner in the evening. We needed to run into town so that Nic could get some presents for his son before the trip was over. I put Roscoe away and fed him dinner before heading down to the lodge. I ended up with more time than I expected, and decided to jump into the shower. The thing I didn't realize was that I didn't have my towel. I of course didn't realize this until I was in the shower room with half of my clothes off. I decided just to deal with it anyway, and jumped into a quick shower. I had a little towel with me for my hair that always stayed in my bag, so I used that, and just didn't really dry my hair.

I headed outside into the sunshine to finish air drying after I got out of the shower. My hair was pretty wet, so I tried to brush it a lot to get the water out of it, and that worked pretty well in the warm dry air. I hung out with Nic since he was waiting outside too, and in a few minutes Russell joined us. To my amusement, I discovered that Russell had showered without a towel as well. At least we were all clean.

We headed out to run errands with Nic which he knew where he wanted to go so it was easy. We headed to the restaurant and turned out to be the first group there, so we asked them to arrange a big table for us, which they were able to do pretty easily. People started trickling in slowly and I think we ended up with about 20 all in all once everybody got there. We were set up at two crowded tables, but that was just fine with us. We had a great time laughing and talking together and in general being our usual selves and happy to be off the ranch for a while. After dinner we decided to head out to the bar and so several of us headed down the street and went to shoot some pool for a while. It was a lot of fun, and 10:00 rolled around fast, so we all headed back to the ranch and ended up playing twister and then watching a movie that evening. I crashed earlier than most people since I was really tired.

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