09.03.28: On the road again

So here comes mile 143 on I-26 in South Carolina. I waved to Ruth and Jody and Grandma as we flew down the road and stopped at Panera Bread somewhere in Columbia off of I-77. The joys of technology are great as I sit in the car connected to the internet via my blackberry.
Yesterday we got our start about 6:15 in the morning, and had a good drive only encountering one wreck on I-81, and then finally hit rain once we got onto I-77. We arrived at mom and dad's house about 3:00, which was great timing. I ran over and met mom and then we rode down to the farm where she volunteers with the therapeutic riding program. Unfortunately her little rider wasn't there, so we just wandered around and met the horses, and gave the little baby on the farm some good scritches.
I slept like a rock, just not quite long enough, and we rolled out the door a hair after 5:00 this morning. We made to to Columbia and are now back on the road again. Today promises to be a hurry up and wait. We should arrive in Florida by early afternoon, which will allow us to get me all set up in the camp ground, and then we'll drive over to the holding farm where Storm will be to check on him, and we'll make sure I know how to get over to the parelli ranch in the morning, and then I think we'll crash into bed pretty hard. Jim's flight leaves out very early in the morning, so I'll have to be ready to get things organized myself in the morning.
Here's mile 150, we're keeping on keeping on.

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