09.04.05: Joyful Day

I managed to get up and moving without being too late. Got Storm fed and then chilled out in the lodge catching up on things for a little while. I took Storm out and we headed to the 75' round pen to spend a little more time playing with the concepts that I was experimenting with. We practiced walking, stopping, and backing up along the fence line counting the posts along the way. Storm spent a good amount of time licking and chewing, and we began to work on trying to move up to the trot, though we began to lose a bit of control at that point. I asked him to move out a few times at a canter, and he was doing well not getting right brained. I still can't find the slow down button, but hopefully the 50' round pen will dry up some time soon. If it doesn't I can probably work in the honeycomb if I have to, though the ground is much harder up there.
We got a crowd together to go to lunch and stop by and check out the auction from the Mustang Challenge. We arrived just before Jesse's little horse was auctioned, and watched several of them. Another girl that was involved with Parelli had also participated, and a family member bought the little horse for her. She was crying and hugging his neck as they headed out of the arena. It was beautiful to know that they were going to be able to stay together. It was crazy to watch the auction, the guy talks so fast and I can't half tell who put a bid in and for what amount. Really, the attendants are the ones that manage the bids, and the auctioneer just looks to them to know when to raise the bid. Jesse's little horse came out, and he got off and allowed one of the small kiddos that had been running around with the group to come out and play with her. The kiddo was doing the circling game and direction changes and everything, and Aspire responding as well as a left brained intorvert can to a kiddo thats being "loud" with his cues. Jesse got back on and rode her for a bit, and then interrupted the bidding again to say that whenever he was in town in Florida he would give the purchaser lessons with her. It turns out that the kiddo's family ended up buying her for him, which was really cool to see.
We left there, and headed out to lunch at a little mexican place that I never would have found otherwise. It was in the back of an ethnic grocery store, and we were definately the minority. The menu was printed in spanish first, and english second, and I was just glad there was english on the menu! We had some great conversation, and finally worked our way back up to the ranch.
Leslie commented when we got back that she was going to play in the pond with her horse, and invited Storm and I to come along. She had to take care of some things first, so I headed out into the playground and found a patch of shade and practiced throwing my 45' line out and coiling it up again, and getting Storm used to the rope being thrown again since its so much larger than the other ropes.
Eventually Leslie came up and we started to play around a little bit. Several other people came over, and Suzie decided that she was going to get her horse into the water, and proceeded to take off her shoes and throw them up onto the bank. She
gave me her camera, so I started taking pictures of her playing around. Leslie decided to get in too, so there was a pile of shoes on the bank, and the girls started swimming. Much hilarity was had, including the final image of the "water line." Suzie's isn't as visible considering she got wet up to her neck... the dark line on Leslie's shirt isn't just for decoration!
Storm was also being his goofy self after I put him back into his pen, and I managed to get a picture of it. The stockade fencing looks so small when he stands next to it.
I realized that it was pushing 7:00, and so we packed everything up and fed the horses, and then managed to find our way to dinner. It ended up being the truck stop near the exit where the campground is, which was convenient to run home and jump into the shower and crash into bed.

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