09.04.11: Quiet Day

Today was one of the quietest days on the ranch in a long time. I started out my morning with breakfast at the campground. This time I had biscuits and gravy instead of pancakes. Still the best deal for the money!
I fed Storm when I got over to the ranch, and cleaned out his pen while he ate. It was much cooler because it was cloudy than i had expected, and we wandered up to the honeycomb where I worked with him on transitions for a while. He is doing really well on the circling game within the confines of a smaller pen, we tend to make amoebas when we get into a bigger space. I am going to have to practice with that to try to become more efficient. I worked with him on a figure 8 pattern at a trot, and he ended up doing the best when he was a little bit distracted by someone moving a horse around outside the playground. Hopefully that won't become part of the pattern.
I took him up to the pond and he happily went in since it was pretty humid. This time he made his own little tsunami from splashing so much. I thought he might lay down again, he didn't, but the splashing made up for it. After that I took him over to the honeycomb to chill out and graze. I tossed the rope over his back so that he was free to wander, and didn't close the latch since there wasn't really anyone else out and about. Sandra was working with her little mare in the playpen next to the honeycomb, but other than that the ranch was a ghost town. After about 15 minutes of grazing I guess Storm had enough, and headed out of the honeycomb. I picked up the rest of my stuff and followed him across the playground. Sandra was laughing at us as I went. He decided to hop the runoff stream that fills the lower pond, though it surprised him when he encountered it. He got a little bit unconfident after that, and cantered back towards where the gate is for the playground. I called to him and he looked back at me a little bit confused as to why he was way over there, and I was over here. He didn't come to me, so I kept walking. He stopped at the gate and I approached him and he finally came to me. I went ahead and put him in his pen.
About that time Sandra brought her little mare back in and we decided to go get some lunch.
On our way out we discovered a goose nesting in one of the trees. Unfortunately my camera as in my car, and Sandra's had dead batteries, but I managed to get photos later. I noticed it because the tree is leaning at a very steep angle. Leaning really isn't accurate, its just grown sideways instead of up. The nest is pretty high up in the tree, and she's just sitting there staring down at us. We ended up at Wendys, and then drove around to browse a couple of tack shops. I didn't find anything to buy but they sure do have everything here. There are a ton of tack shops all within very close proximity to eachother. There are just so many horses.
We finally got back, and I fed Storm a flake of hay and picked out his pen again then sat with him and read one of my magazines for a while. When he finished his hay he came over and started to explore me, so I nudged him backwards and packed up my stuff to go make my dinner. I chilled out in the lodge while eating and putzed around on my computer.
After that it was pretty late, so I headed home to bed.