09.04.12: Beautiful Day in Paradise

Happy Easter to Everyone! Even with the new students coming in this place is quiet. There just isn't a whole lot going on. But that is ok with me.
I got up this morning and headed over to the ranch, to feed Storm and find out if anybody else was around that wanted to go for breakfast. I was greeted by gorgeous scenery as I arrived at the ranch with the mist rising off the fields and the sun rising through the trees.
(For anyone that knows, that is Zeus on the left and Casper on the right)
I got Storm fed and mucked out his pen. This time I was lucky enough to have two almost whole piles to clean up plus one or two that were stirred around rather than the entire pen being stirred up. That made it a little bit faster. I was finishing up and Sandra pulled up so we decided to head out to breakfast. We managed to find the diner after only one wrong turn, and had a nice breakfast. We headed back to the ranch and I went back up to the campground to get the laundry done. I figured on Easter Sunday morning it should be pretty quiet in the laundry room. I was right, and managed to get everything into two wash loads and then only one dryer load due to the volume of stuff that I needed to hang dry (all four pairs of breeches...). After I switched the loads into the dryer, I decided to go for a swim and then get in the shower while I was waiting for the dryer to quit. The pool was really nice and comfortable since the sun was pretty warm. I managed to get back to the laundry room at the right time, and as i was heading back over to my tent one of my neighbors stopped me and let me know that there was Easter dinner at 1:00. I thought I had heard something about it, but hadn't paid any attention. I decided that there wasn't any real reason that i HAD to be back at the ranch, and I figured it would probably be pretty good food to boot, better than eating fast food or some other alternative.
I headed over to the clubhouse about 12:45 after I got the laundry put away and found that it was a potluck style but Rose, the woman organizing it, quickly made room for me. I was grateful. The people are so very nice at the campground, a lot of fun to be around. I sat at a table with two other couples and we had a very nice time chatting. The food was outstanding. There was a ham provided which seemed to be honey glazed. Then there was a huge dish of scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, a cornbread casserole type dish, two different kinds of sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top, two fruit salads, a green salad, a Mexican type dip with chips, rolls, and probably some other things I am forgetting. There were a bunch of really nice desserts too. I was stuffed and i only got to fill my plate up once! The dishes just kept getting better as you went down the line. When we finished the meal Rose had planned a couple games and things, the first of which being an easter egg hunt. There was a little boy that was there so all of the "young crowd" got to go out and look for eggs for 2 minutes. Then she let groups of 10 go out and find eggs for 2 minutes each. Some of them had pennies and coins in them, and most of them had candy. Then she announced that everyone needed to check under their chairs, as some chairs had sticky notes. I didn't have a chair with a sticky note at our table, the gentleman next to me did, and she had a special basket that had several eggs in it that had the new presidentail dollar coins in them. Then she herded everybody outside for an egg toss contest. My partner and I got pretty far along, but we didn't win. It was fun, and everybody had a good time.
I headed back over to play with Storm for a while, and he whinnied back when I whistled to him from the parking lot. He has a very cute whinny when he does that. I got him out and we headed over to the play pen to work for a little while on our circles. He was much more consistant in the playpen with the rail for a little bit of support but not too much. I moved some of the barrels so that we could work on the figure 8's, which were ok today. Not great, but not bad either. Still working on having him trot through the whole pattern. Sometimes he still misses the direction change. I also practiced the downward transitions more. He is getting better at responding when I ask him to slow down so the whoa is improving (very important!). He is getting super sensitive to picking up speed, too, which is a nice addition. At this point the whoa is more important though.
He was pretty hot, so we went and explored a few other obstacles and I let him graze some. We ventured to the carwash, and into the trailer again. I think he scraped his hip on the trailer, he is very lazy with his body and there was already some hair missing in that spot, and now its a bit raw. Silly horse. So we ventured over to the pond again since I figured he'd be pretty pleased to get in with it being as warm as it is (and he's STILL shedding). He was pretty antsy when I got up there and had to change the rope from the 22' to the 45' so that he would have more freedom. I got my 45' line organized, and then sent him to the water and he happily waded in. He went all the way in up to about half way up his body and then walked out again. I asked him to go back in and this time he splashed and splashed before coming out. We wandered down to find some nice sand to roll in and he had a great time grunting and groaning in the sand flipping himself over twice before getting up to shake off.
I headed to find some nice grass to let him graze for a while, and he was very content and snorted a lot. Several of the new students were out and about in the playground working on the shadowing game. I mosied over to where Baron was playing with his horse and chatted with him for a little while about what we could expect in the course. I asked him if we would be using hackmores or if we would be using more of the bridle, he said it would be whatever we were more comfortable with. I told him that I would be interested in some guidance working with the bridle since it was still pretty new to Storm and I. I am looking forward to working with Baron since I have not yet had the chance to do so.
I went back to the pond one more time with Storm, and he did wade through again, though not as vigorously as the first time. I was planning on going to get some water from the cooler that is usually sitting on a stump, but it was not there, so I decided to put Storm back for a while and come inside for a break and some water. It was rather hot outside!

It was getting late, so I went ahead and fixed my dinner and relaxed for a little while before heading back over to the campground. I got to talk to Mom for a while, and then it was time for bed. Looking forward to a new week of class, last one!