09.04.18: On the Road Again

We managed to get up at the usual time and get started packing. It was still dark at 6:30, so things got started a little bit slowly. It didn't take me too long to get things organized. When I finally had everything out of the tent I discovered that the tent was very wet from the overnight dew and there was no way that I would be able to pack it up dry. So we rolled up all the parts and put them into trash bags and they will have to wait to be dried out once we get home. It figures that there is rain in the forecast until Thursday of next week, but we'll deal with whatever happens.
We finally managed to get on the road about 8:30, though we thought that there was breakfast at the campground, but apparently another group was holding something. We stopped at the little deli/grill/hardware/feed store that Jim ate breakfast at yesterday morning but their grill wasn't turned on. So we set off down the road again and ended up at a diner. We finally got moving forward again about 10:00 and set off to find some fresh strawberries to bring home. The first few places we stopped didn't have anything that was not too ripe to make it all the way home for a few days. We finally set off up the road and found some that were fresh locally and picked that morning which were perfect. We bought a whole flat and filled the cooler up with them.
We ended up in a backup in a little town that was coincidentally having a strawberry festival. Once we broke through that we managed to make it to Jacksonville where we stopped for lunch and ate a decent lunch at Penara Bread. We hit the Georgia line and ended up in one backup after another, having to deal with 29 miles of road construction that slowed things down drastically. It loosened up again just before we reached Savannah.
Traffic never really loosened up until we got onto 26 headed to 77. The road construction was gone, but the issue was just the volume of traffic headed north. Lesson learned: Avoid driving north with the snowbirds. We finally rolled into Charlotte about 9:30 and mom had dinner waiting, which was fantastic at that point. It was so nice to finally get out of the truck. We ate a great dinner and then chatted until way too late in the night, and finally crashed to bed.
The next morning started early, getting on the road about 7. We stopped in Mooresville and found a Panera for breakfast and then got back onto the road. We made it all the way up to Winchester for lunch, and then rolled back home about 4:30. We got the truck unloaded in a hurry before the rain set in for the evening. With rain in the forecast for the rest of the week, drying the tent out was going to have to wait. Everything else pretty much exploded in the house. I did manage to get some laundry started, which was only the beginning of the load after load that continued into Monday. I think that the washer went on strike by the time Monday afternoon rolled around. We managed to get most of the laundry finished up, there were only a few things that didn't get done that will have to be done later. I could have used a whole nother week off just to recouperate! Too bad I've got to hit the ground running.
Storm won't arrive home until Tuesday some time, so unfortunately I won't get to spend any time with him until then. I am looking forward to finding out what other things are going to sink in now that we are home. Here's to more learning!