09.01.10: A Dream of Storm

So I don't often remember my dreams, which sometimes is disappointing.
However, some time not long before I woke up, I actually had a dream about Storm. I believe this is only the second time he's entered my dream, though I can't be totally sure of that.
At any rate, we were at some sort of a beach, though nowhere that I have been before. It was some sort of a clinic setting, there were a lot of people and horses moving around, though there was no organization to any of it, so maybe it was just a group ride. I remember some sort of a lodge building that I was in for a while, discussing things with people, and chatting. And I remember riding towards the water, down a bit of a sloping hill, towards water that was rolling with waves, though not very rough. We were riding down this slope, and Storm was only moving at the speed of a walk, but he was cantering. This is possible, high level dressage horses are asked to perform this maneuver. However, I didn't ask for it, but I enjoyed the sensation none the less.
We turned and rode around the beach a bit, though I don't have too much memory of that. I seem to remember being up in the "lodge" area for a while after that. Jim took Storm out, and I went back out at some point, and was looking for him. I couldn't find him though, and it seems that Jim wasn't with him anymore. He was lost somehow, and I seemed to keep seeing him far off, over the other horses (which is no surprise since he towers over most everyone else). I followed where I thought he went, down the beach (to the left if it matters...), and somehow got away from the beach into a more wooded/garden type area. I managed to find him, though in a rather odd situation. I found him stuck in the bottom of a bucket. This is where the dream world seems to not understand the some space time continuum constraints that reality does. He was in a bucket that was sort of like a muck bucket, lying down with his legs folded under him in a very normal position. But because of the size of the bucket, he did not have the room to get up out of the position. At this point, I don't really remember how I got him out, but I did. The interesting thing is that the bucket didn't really seem to be much bigger, and Storm wasn't really much smaller, but somehow he was stuck in the bottom of the bucket.

I was commenting on this to a friend that came over today to plan some clinics. Her young teenage son was with her, and heard me recount this experience, and suggested that Storm somehow felt trapped. I have no idea how to interpret this, and don't know that I really want to "try" because sometimes in the trying things get distorted. I'll just have to be content for now, and wait and see what happens. I certainly hope he's not trapped, but it could have more to do with me than him. I am pleased that he took some time to visit me the dream world.

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