09.02.10: Dappled Brown

Tuesday evening, Jim was away and the night was surprisingly warm at 45 degrees (though a bit damp) so I headed out to try to scrub some of the dirt away. He came right over to me, probably hoping it was dinner time more than wanting to spend time with me. I brought him in and dug out my rough curry and the shedding blade and set to work. The rough curry is great for catching the hair, and I had a few small "waffles" out of it. He's not shedding near enough yet for that to be highly effective. The shedding blade made quick work of the loose hair, which was causing me to want to sneeze. I used a stiff brush on him, but it didn't really do much good considering the thickness of his coat and the sheer volume of dirt on him. I decided not to bother with the vacuum, and set to work on his mane and tail. His tale is awful, so nasty brown from all the dirt. Other than a lot of elbow grease and a tail bag, that's not likely to change, sadly. At least I got the tangles out of it.

I finished the grooming, and practiced a bit on the go forward cue. He responded a bit reluctantly at first, simply being unsure of the cues within the confined space of the barn. He did well though, responding nicely after a while. He snorted several times and blew quite a bit, which was a good response.

We finally headed on back out to the pasture, making our way slowly out the barn door working while we walked. Muffin nickered to him as we approached, and I turned him out. He re approached the gate as I closed it and put my ropes back together. Likely, again, because he wanted his dinner more than his interest in hanging with me!

I was pleased with the evening though, and hoped that the time spent would help ensure that his focus would be calm tomorrow for the farrier's visit.In the very least, he was at least more dappled gray instead of dappled brown. Turns out that it must have helped because the girl that held him for us was very complementary. Next farrier visit is the week that we leave for FL... That's only six weeks from now EEK!!!!

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