09.03.22: Under Pressure

Whenever I have something like this going on in my life the stress really builds. And it ends up being bad. Which really frustrates me, but I don't know that there is much to do about it except keep my nose to the grindstone and try to get through it. I can always dream that someday I won't experience these pressure cooker situations as a result of building stress, but somehow I am not sure how that will happen.
We were working on cleaning up the truck when Jim noticed that Storm was lying down in the pasture, so we headed out to rub on him for a while. He is shedding like crazy, so we rubbed on him while was easy to reach on the ground, and there were tufts of hair flying everywhere in the breeze. He finally got up, so I grabbed my string, and brought him out. Jim headed into the barn to grab his halter and the shedding blade so that we could do a little more work on getting the hair off of him before he heads to Florida and has to deal with 80 degree temps all the sudden.
I haltered him and began to try to get some more of the hair off of him. It doesn't matter how long you stand there and brush him, there is still more hair. The breeze wasn't helping us much, and was only swirling the hair around instead of blowing it away.
Finally I decided that I had done as much as was worth it for the moment and headed down to the arena while Jim went up to the house to get the video camera and the long lines for me to do some work. I turned Storm loose in the arena so that I could set up some marks to work with for our patterns with the long reins. He stuck with me for a while, but finally wandered off and then eventually rolled, which was fine with me. I tried to get over to where he was rolling to rub on him, but he got up right away, and then shook off. Rolling probably only helps get the hair out, so I can't really complain. Storm was very busy watching things, and kept hearing some noises in the woods that he kept wondering about. He didn't seem to be too distracted, so when Jim arrived with the long reins, I got all set up and we headed off.
We headed down the long side, and around the two corners and towards the back side of the arena when he got nervous. I stopped and had to walk backwards for a while to regain his focus again. We worked our way around to the front of the arena, and he seemed to have himself back together again, so I resumed the driving. We came down to the back side of the arena again, and he spooked. He startled forward, and with just the long reins (and no gloves) I had no way to really put the break on him and had to let him go. He tore around the arena rather worried, so I allowed him to run for a bit. He busted one of the reins pretty quickly, and Jim came in and picked it up for me. I glanced around trying to see if I could find the rope clamp, but didn't see it, I only found a battery instead. Storm continued to run around, and finally began to calm down enough to think again. He turned inward, and ended up reconnecting with Jim, so I just let him take him up. He wasn't too warm, so Jim grazed him for a little while, and then turned him out again.
I'll have to stop at Lowe's and get a new clamp for the rope to repair the reins, since I borrowed them from Nancy. I'm pretty annoyed that this whole thing happened, though I suspect a large portion of it is due to the stress that I've been dealing with. I just don't have a way to process it out right now, and I'm sure that somehow I had a bearing on his behavior, or at least not creating a better situation so that he didn't choose that route. I hope that in the coming week this does not get worse before I head out on Friday.
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