09.04.21: Back in Baltimore

There was a bit of a lack of communication getting Storm back up here. We never got a call from Johnson regarding his expected drop off time. Since he left Florida on Monday
 in the early afternoon that should have put them back in Baltimore early in the morning on Tuesday. However, they rarely drive straight through when they have more horses on the truck. Jim spoke with them and they did not expect to be in until about noon, and unfortunately Holly had to leave the barn early that day. Jim was thankfully able to make arrangements to be home in time to meet him.

He called me about 1:00 to say that Storm was home safe and sound, and that he had come off the trailer very nicely. I was pleased to know that was not sweaty at all, so he must have adapted a bit better to the ride this time. The work does pay off!

When I got home from work, I was able to take Storm out for a little while and work with him in the round pen. He did pretty well, I worked on a couple things that we had been playing with in Florida. He is still having problems picking up the right lead at this point. I am not sure what the source of that is, but hopefully Kirsten will be able to straighten us out soon. We worked on a little bit of sensitivity to transitions. I walked beside him in the round pen and would ask for halts and back ups and then for him to wait for me to cue him to go forward again. He was responding very well, and we chilled out for a little bit. I practiced the porcupine game a bit, asking him to pick up his feet, which he responded much better to. I was happy that he wasn't walking away like he had been when I asked him to pick up his feet. I also asked him to follow a feel off of his lip, which he did better with, and wasn't so busy trying to be nippy. I was even able to get him to follow a feel off of his ear, and then just one leg to get him to move forward. I checked to see if he would back up from his tail, and he was even responsive to that. I'll have to keep practicing those things to get better at them.

Since our good friend Chuck was in town and had come up for dinner, I quit there and grazed for a little while before putting him back in the pasture. I took him all the way down to where the rest of the horses were in the back, and Muffin whinnied happily to him and came over. I turned him loose and then headed back up to the gate. Surprisingly Storm followed me all the way back up to the first hay feeder. I stopped there to see if he wanted to eat any, but there wasn't much hay left. He stayed at the hay feeder and watched me walk all the way back out of the gate again. I was pleased with the progress.

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