09.06.16: Letters on the 8

Riding in the afternoons following work is a challenge, but sometimes it is manageable. The weather around here has not been kind, we've been stuck in a weather pattern for a while now. Its either raining, storming, or humid as all get out, so the prospect of getting everything together to ride has been daunting. Thankfully Monday there was some time and it wasn't too unbearable outside, and the arena wasn't soup, and Storm was even half way clean!
I tacked him up and we headed down to the arena and I set out four letters to mark the corners of my figure 8, this time allowing a little bit more room close to the fence to make more of a half circle instead of two curves and a straight line against the fence. It didn't take too long to mount and we started into our pattern. There wasn't necessarily anything bad about our riding, though it was just not as good as when I have Kirsten's voice and encouragement coming from the corner of the arena as we work. I tried to think about all the things that I need to keep in my head, but that gets challenging after a while. I think I was trying to muscle him around a little bit more than I should have been rather than concentrating on the ping pong ball for both of us. Anne came in and started working with Tucker at the same time, which created a bit of a challenge in trying to keep our pattern consistent. We managed some level of organization and worked around Anne and Tucker for the most part.
Storm wasn't responding very well but we worked through some things. I heard Marta beginning to start the evening feed so we wrapped things up and headed back up the hill. I checked with Nancy to make sure that Storm wasn't too warm and she threw her arms around his neck and said, "Nope, I don't think so!" I laughed and she checked his chest just to be sure, though I told her if he was potentially too warm, she definately wouldn't have thrown her arms around him like that!
I pulled off his tack and while he had even sweat marks, it seemed that he was a little less sweaty under the saddle, I think I might have been putting too much pressure into the saddle somehow. If the rain and weather will ever break I'll be able to experiment more... Of course grooming him first is going to be a challenge!!
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