09.10.31: Day of the Horse!

Due to the rain delay, the Day of the Horse finally happened on Saturday, October 31st. The morning dawned somewhere between cold and warm and was thick with mist. The air was virtually liquid, settling on everything. I got up and moving as quickly as I could, which with one leg locked straight is not very fast. I made it outside to find a flurry of activity with the tents being set up and tables being organized. I set up camp in the info booth, and tried to get things organized as best as possible in the damp air. We were not quite ready at the time when things were set to start, but things wrapped up pretty quickly after that.
It started with the opening ceremony by the Maryland Defense Force. This began the first of Beth's many costume changes.
(Holly is at the end/on the far right, and Beth is carrying the Maryland flag)

Storm was such a HAM the entire time. They were in the pasture right behind where we put the info booth, and alllll day they spent hanging out up by the fence loving on anybody that would stop to love on them. Storm took every opportunity to say hi to anyone that would walk by. As a result, we ended up with a lot of photographs...

We had a lot of interesting demonstrations, from massage and holistic therapies to carriage driving and jousting and even a side saddle demonstration!

So then we got a visit from the BatGoat! Storm was none too pleased with the BatGoat, especially when he came to visit... All the horses were very concerned, but Storm was most worried, and so he hid behind everyone else.

The parade of breeds was a really big hit. Linda brought Honey, Cheryl rode Midnite, Anne rode Tucker, Beth rode Chip, and Nancy rode Chip.

Elaine brought Crabbet Arabians, which were gorgeous. I fell in love with one little gray horse, who was adorable. There was one girl riding this awesome little paint, she even put a hat on him for halloween and he looked so dashing, and she even jumped him! Holly then brought out Littlefoot as a contrast to the Crabbet Arabs since he is a mix of Arab and Saddlebred.

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