Far from the Usual

Our lives have shifted dramatically away from what is "normal" and "accepted" within our society and is focusing on things that are far from the usual. 
We are getting back to the basics of food, self sufficiency, resourcefulness and being thrifty. We care deeply about the quality of the food we eat, and the quality of the things that we surround ourselves with. We strive to eliminate chemicals and "unknowns" where ever we can, and reduce exposure where we can't.

Through this journey, I have been gathering resources, recipes, and how-to's that support our vision. As a result, we are saving money and being healthier at the same time. It is undeniable that it will cost more in some areas. However, many resources help off-set the increased expense. In an attempt to organize and keep up with some of these resources (so I can find them when I need to make them again!), I'm organizing much of what we do.

DIY Cleaners, Cleansers and Products - From Laundry Detergent to Makeup Remover, so many things are easily made at home producing a superior, cheaper, healthier product.