DIY Cleaners, Cleansers and Products

Ever checked for ingredients on a bottle of cleaner? If you can find it, they are usually so full of 28 letter words that you can't pronounce that it doesn't matter anyway. The cost of cleaners, cleansers and other products can be dramatically reduced when you take a few minutes to invest in making your own.

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This is where it is helpful to learn the joys of vinegar. Vinegar is a super versatile liquid that can do mighty things with minimal efforts! With a few variations, vinegar has amazing power to clean.

Bathroom Cleaner: Add a few drops of dish detergent to a spray bottle with vinegar to help remove soap scum from the tub and shower. The vinegar helps bind to the hard water deposits, and the soap helps remove soap scum and keeps the vinegar from running off the shower walls as quickly. For tough marks and stains, spray the surface and then sprinkle a little baking soda down for an added cleaning boost.

General Surface Cleaner: Like Oranges and Citrus fruits? Soak the rinds of any citrus fruits in vinegar for up to a week, then strain and use as a cleaner. Citrus oils will help remove grease in the kitchen better than the plain vinegar. Rinds can be soaked twice for two batches of vinegar. I use a mayonnaise jar to keep the rinds and vinegar in until they're ready (which depends on how long I forget that they are sitting on top of the fridge, and whether or not I have a bottle available to dump the vinegar into! Works great on Stove tops (sprinkle a little baking soda for those tough spots) and also on windows and glass.

Counter Top Germ Fighter: Keep a spray bottle of Vinegar and a spray bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide around and spritz counter tops with both liquids and allow to sit for a few minutes before wiping up. The combination of both makes a great germ fighter to help keep things clean where food is prepared.

Fabric Softener: Instead of expensive smelly fabric softeners, simply fill the fabric softener up in the washing machine with Vinegar instead. Vinegar helps remove the soap residue and clothes come out smelling fresh and clean (with no leftover vinegar smell)

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